Frame Finder & Bike Frame Size Selection Service

Our frame finder service is for cyclists that are comfortable with their existing bike position and want to ensure that their new bike frame will be the right frame geometry and frame size to match their existing fit position. We are impartial to all bike brands on the market so we can ensure that you are selecting the right size frame and have the confidence to purchase your bike from any local bike shop or via a huge range of bike frame models and frame sizes available online.

Our frame finder selection service, includes

  • A comprehensive bike geometry report with the details of your existing fit position
  • A comprehensive bike frame finder and frame size report that provides details of which model frames are suitable and the accessories that you will need for each one
  • The bike frame finder report includes detail on the seatpost offsets, stems & spacers to match your ideal position
  • A simplified bike frame finder report for the bike shop that makes it very easy for them to set up your bike when you purchase it

Our bike frame finder and frame size selection reports are shown in images below



We will digitally measure your existing bike position with our Retul bike fitting system to ensure accuracy to the nearest millimetre and the nearest degree. This includes measuring the essential details of your contact points with the bike:

  • Saddle height
  • Saddle angle
  • Handlebar position
  • Grip position
  • Grip angle
  • Frame Stack
  • Frame Reach

Once we have collected this data, we will ask you for a short list of bike brands and models that you are looking at. This will help us narrow down the best options within a handful of bike models that you are interested in. We will use all of your information to determine a short list of which frames are the most suitable for you and which accessories you will need with each option. These include the Seatpost Offset, Stem length and spacers. This is shown in the image below.


Our frame selection service allows you to select your new bike with confidence. We can provide accurate measurement of your existing bike fit position and objective information on your ideal future bike frame choice.


  • Options

  • DetailDetail
  • Frame Selection Service

  • $77

  • DetailUsing your existing digital retul bike fit data to prepare a report outlining which frame models and accessories will fit your position
  • Frame Selection Service (inc Zin)

  • $120

  • DetailDigitially measuring your bike fit position and prepare a report outlining which frame models and accessories will fit your position
  • Frame Geometry Match

  • $110

  • DetailSetting up your new bike to match your existing bike fit geometry position to the nearest mm through our digital measurement

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