Grand Tour Overhaul:

All the moving parts on your bike are exposed to the elements and will not last forever. In our grand tour overhaul, the bike will be striped right down, inspected and reassembled. The bottom bracket and headset will be overhauled. Not only will the bearings last longer they’ll stay smoother with less drag. The replacement of the inners and housing for both gear and brake is included to ensure smooth precise shifting and brake control. Whilst the bike is stripped down its a good chance to replace the bottom bracket and/or headset bearings if they are starting to become a problem. Smooth headset bearings will offer better handling old worn bearings. Bottom bracket bearings are a no brainer, worn BB bearings are not only noisy, the added friction is wasted energy. If you ride on worn BB bearings there’s a good chance the crank spindle is spinning on the inner bearing race causing damage. We hold stock for most bottom brackets and bearings if they require replacement.

The wheel hub bearings will inspected, greased and adjusted, trueness of the wheel inspected and adjusted if necessary.

All components will be inspected and installed to manufacturers torque specification.

Firmware for electronic shifting and power meters will be updated, the power meter service is included in this service.

If you need new tyres or tubes we hold stock of the entire Michelin power range with tyre compounds to match your needs from all out race tyres to something with better wear and puncture protection while out training.

Tubular tyres are in stock ready to be stretched and glued, or you can bring in your own in if you need a new tubular tyre glued.

For the drive train we have Shimano 9 speed through to 11 speed chains in stock along with the cassettes anything up to a 32T to get you over the toughest of climbs. Chainrings can be ordered in if you’re looking for the best ratio to suit your riding.

We stock parts to service SRAM, Shimano and Campagnolo groupsets. Most bottom brackets are in stock in the workshop, and if you have something esoteric, at the very least we can order in or you can bring your own. Headset bearings are often order in, however we hold the most common in stock. Bar tape is in stock to freshen up the contact points and give your bike a new look. We recommend new a new wrap of bar tape with cable replacement.


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