Power Meter Service:

Power meters are an excellent training & racing tool for cyclists and triathletes and a power meter service even more so. Most power meter manufacturers claim accuracy to be between +/-2%. However with anything from a low battery, outdated firmware and or incorrect installation of cranks, chainrings, pedals and magnets will throw the accuracy right out beyond the +/-2% threshold. As a result training using power becomes challenging and the data can be almost useless for feedback/analysis from training and racing

If you’re using your power meter or considering getting a power meter for any training session or race, it’s important that the power meter readings are consistent. If you’re using multiple power meters, it’s even more important that your power meters are accurate to ensure consistency across all platforms.

Within the power meter service, the firmware will be updated and batteries replaced. We’ll check all the settings in your head unit are correct to ensure accurate data recording. Where magnets are required for maximum accuracy, we’ll make sure they are installed correctly and calibrated. We’ll check power meter accuracy on both a computrainer and through a torque reading from a known weight. We can also make factory adjustments depending on your power meter to make it as accurate as possible.


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