Pro Tune Bike Service:

If your bike has been well used and exposed to some nasty weather, a pro tune service will be essential for maximising the life of the moving components on your bike. We’ll strip down and degrease the drive train We’ll inspect chain for stretch/slop, and the cassette and chainring sprockets for wear. While the bike is being cleaned and inspected all mechanical and brake pivots will be lubricated.

The derailleur hanger alignment will be checked and aligned if necessary.

All the bearings on the bike will be inspected for smoothness and wear.

Wheel hub bearings and preload checked and adjusted, headset check and preload adjustment, bottom bracket check and preload adjustment.

All components will be tightened to manufacturers torque specification.

Brakes will be checked and adjusted.

Wheels will be inspected and minor adjustments made to ensure the wheel is running true with no lateral buckles or radial hop.

Tyres will be checked for cuts and wear if you need new tyres or tubes we hold stock of the entire Michelin Power range with tyre compounds to match your needs from all out race tyres to something with better wear and puncture protection out training.

If you do require new components to keep your bike in top condition out on the road, we stock and can order parts to service SRAM, Shimano and Campagnolo groupsets.  We have 9 speed through to 11 speed chains in stock along with the cassettes. From close ration up to a 32T to get you over the toughest of climbs.

Most bottom brackets are held in stock at the workshop at the very least we can order in or you can bring your own. Headset bearings are often order in, however we hold the most common in stock. Bar tape is in stock to freshen up the contact points or enhance the colour scheme. We recommend new a new wrap of bar tape with cable replacement.


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