Bike Maintenance Clinic

Our bike maintenance clinics are designed to help you learn how to maintain and your own bike and how to keep your bike in good working condition between services.

During the clinic, we will cover
  • What tools and spares to carry out on the road
  • Pre ride safety check.
  • Removing/installing wheels efficiently and correctly
  • Brake calliper setup/adjustment
  • Bike transport
  • Puncture repair using CO2 or pump
  • Cleaning your bike
  • Drive train maintenance
We want you to learn how to improve your mechanic skills on your own bike with your own equipment (if you have it!). We will have spare tools available to learn with if you do not own the basics.

What to Bring:
  • Your bike
  • Allen keys or a multi tool
  • Spare tube/s
  • Tyre levers
  • Co2 inflator and/or frame pump
Suitable for: All levels from beginner to intermediate


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