Triathlon Pink – A great entry level triathlon!

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The 1st Ladies Pink triathlon for the season is nearly here, with a variety of distances to choose from.These are great events for ladies and girls to do their 1st triathlon, which includes a pool swim rather than open water and is in a controlled environment with no traffic.The events are for women and girls only, and have a great fun atmosphere.

Training and Racing Smarter – Taking all of the moments away where you slow down

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Ever been in a race when all was going well and then it just all fell in a heap?  Couldn’t keep the pace going or the power on the bike?  Even though you could a few minutes ago?  You were on track for a pb or a quick time but it didn’t end up that way, you lost so much time in the last few kms or later stage of the race that it became a challenge just to finish?

Strength Training In Cycling

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Have you ever thought about improving your cycling efficiency by not spending time on the bike? Ever wondered how you can improve your bike split time through becoming a more efficient rider? In addition to this, improving your cycling efficiency can also have a positive influence on your ability to run off the bike.

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