Offer for Hills Triathlon Club Members

Hills Triathlon Club members get discounts on a range of products and services here at Onebody. Please see the discount codes for each service listed below. We have other products and services available to Hills Triathlon Club members, so if you don’t see if here, and it’s triathlon related, please contact us in the studio to see if we can help you. If you are interested in the Hills Triathlon Club and want to see what they are doing, please visit their web site –


10% off all bike servicing and custom bike builds from our experienced team.

Use the code HILLSBIKE on the Onebody App from your app store or book online here.

10% off Retul Bike Fits, Retul Muve Frame Selection and associated services

Use the code HILLSBIKE on the Onebody App from your app store or book online here.

2 free power cycle sessions. Book online and use the code

Use the code HTC-PowerCycle on the  Onebody App from your app store or book here.

Bike Servicing

Our bike service workshop provides servicing from our professional bike mechanics for your road bike, time trial bike, general bike servicing and even custom builds.

Triathlon Coaching

Onebody offers a full triathlon coaching and triathlon training service catering to athletes of all abilities, from those new to the sport or with specific goals in mind.


Memberships for our full Triathlon Squad, Junior Development Program, Power Cycle Studio and Swim Squads. We even have membership options for all the family...

Retul Bike Fits

We offer professional bike fitting services utilising the Retul motion capture system and guarantee the quality of all bike fits conducted in our centre.

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