Private, Individual & 1-on-1 sessions

Private Swim Sessions

Onebody provides private one on one Swim Sessions to analyse your freestyle stroke and help you improve your swim technique and efficiency in the water. Swimming is about efficiency and reducing drag, not about how hard you can pull your arms through the water.

To reduce your drag, you want to reduce the amount of frontal surface area that you have in the water.

Run Assessments & Run Technique Analysis

An athlete’s ‘run style’ plays an integral role in running efficiency, performance and prevention of injury. Run Assessments & Run Technique Analysis provide a comprehensive breakdown of your running biomechanics.

Our run technique assessment utilises video analysis for visual feedback to provide step-by-step breakdown of your run technique.

Bike Skills, Handling and Technique Sessions

The Onebody accredited coaches provide private one on one bike skills, handling and technique sessions tailored to improve your confidence when riding, bike skills and technique and training with, understanding and interpreting power meter data.

All sessions are tailored to the individual’s requirements and can include getting comfortable with clicking into new bike pedals and getting on and off your bike to more advanced bike handling and pedalling technique skills.

Functional Threshold Power (FTP) Testing

So, what is FTP? Functional Threshold Power (FTP) is — quite simply — a measure of fitness. FTP represents the power (measured in watts) that you could theoretically maintain for about an hour, and it’s a great metric used to plan an execute your workouts, as well as track your progress to keep your fitness growing.

An FTP Test establishes your wattage at a point in time and duration which corresponds closely to your lactate threshold (LT) when cycling. once you have determined your FTP, you can program specific power training zones enabling you to optimise your training sessions and racing strategy.

Power Profile Testing

Are you more of a Sprinter or a Time Triallist?  Ok responding to attacks but don’t feel you have the ability to attack yourself and stay away?

Power Profile testing with Onebody will help you identify your strengths and areas of improvement and help classify your ability against several profile types and where you sit in terms of performance against the best in the world.

Coaching & Season Planning

Onebody provides private coaching planning sessions to triathletes, cyclists and runners who are looking for to plan for future events or goals.

We spend the time to sit with you and help to create a training program and ensuring your preparation is as best as it can be enable you to optimise your performance and race results, and to achieve your goals.

Private Data Analysis Sessions

Onebody offers private data analysis sessions aimed at assisting athletes to understand and interpret power meter data for training and racing. Power Meters are a powerful tool for racing and training.

A key objective in training with a Power meter is increasing Functional Threshold Power (FTP – greatest power a rider can sustain for 60 minutes). However, as important is the ability to ride more efficiently through improved cycling behaviour, training with a power meter can help achieve this.

Corporate Coaching

Onebody Health & Fitness brings you a Beginner Triathlon Program to help you and your team prepare for corporate and team events such as the AustralianSuper Corporate Triathlon typically held in Sydney on Sunday in late March each year. These events are all about fun, camaraderie and corporate health, but with the CEO’s GM’s and MD’s all in a wave start of their own, it’s really about the bragging rights! Under the guidance of the coaching staff you will learn all you need to know to compete in this and other multisport events.

Our programs cover all aspects of multisport training and will provide you with direction on techinque and event specific skills. So if you have been thinking about ‘getting serious’ why not take the challenge and get a head start on your competition!

Plant-Based Nutrition

Improve your performance with the addition of plant-based nutrition. We spend the time to look at your current habits and work closely with you to help you understand what is required to maximise your energy for each training session, refuel quickly and recover stronger. All of this while promoting healthy sustainable habits that can be worked into your lifestyle to make sure you have enough energy for the rest of the days tasks. We help you with meal plans and even provide ways to feed and nourish you and your family.

The meal plans are simple, easy to follow and we even help you get the first day started with a jumpstart delivered in your kitchen at your availability.

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