Corporate Triathlon Coaching

Onebody Health & Fitness brings you a Beginner Triathlon Program to help you and your team prepare for the Corporate Triathlon in Sydney each year. This event is all about fun, camaraderie and corporate health, but with the CEO’s GM’s and MD’s all in a wave start of their own, it’s really about the bragging rights! Under the guidance of the Onebody coaching staff you will learn all you need to know to compete in the event.

Our program covers all aspects of triathlon training and will provide you with direction on technique and transition skills. So if you have been thinking about ‘getting serious’ why not take the challenge and get a head start on your competition!


  • Swim, bike and run technique & fitness
  • Open water swim techniques
  • Weekly tips & tricks and general training advice
  • Phone and email contact with our coaches
  • Race transition setup & race tips
  • Pre-race course overview and transition walk through



Motivating group sessions that are easy to follow. Train with other like-minded people (similar fitness/skill level). Improve your Fitness and Triathlon skills with fun sessions. Increase your confidence as you challenge yourself learning new skills and knowledge. The sense of achievement as you cross the finish line in the Corporate Triathlon – and have bragging rights at your workplace!


There are three key coached sessions for our program, which will help you develop fitness, confidence and learn all the triathlon skills you need to know.

  • Monday:  Active recovery
  • Tuesday: Pool swim session
  • Wednesday: Active recovery
  • Thursday: Run session
  • Friday: Active recovery
  • Saturday: Day off
  • Sunday: Brick session (bike/run + swim) Parramatta Park + ASTA Pool


Training Program: 7 week training program – $199.00 per person / 10 minimum
Race: Your choice

Large Corporate Groups: Please contact us to discuss options that can be tailored to your company.


Swim: Goggles, swimmers, wetsuit (if you have one)
Bike: Bike, helmet, bike shoes (or runners)
Run: Runners & running gear

Please note that other races and events can be tailored for, please contact us if you have another goal for you team in mind.

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