Functional Threshold Power (FTP) Testing

So, what is FTP? Functional Threshold Power (FTP) is — quite simply — a measure of fitness. FTP represents the power (measured in watts) that you could theoretically maintain for about an hour, and it’s a great metric used to plan an execute your workouts, as well as track your progress to keep your fitness growing.

With regards to what’s taking place within your body and the muscles themselves, riding at your FTP pushes you right up to that limit where pushing any harder will drastically limit the duration of your ride. But as long as you stay just below that acidic tipping point where your muscles light up and uncomfortably tolerable minutes become barely tolerable seconds, your muscles are in balance with the workload – for about an hour, anyway. It is an important test for anyone who wants to use their cycling power meter effectively and those looking at riding longer events where your success is determined by your ability to hold consistent power.

An FTP Test establishes your wattage at a point in time and duration which corresponds closely to your lactate threshold (LT) when cycling. once you have determined your FTP, you can program specific power training zones enabling you to optimise your training sessions and racing strategy. An FTP test is non-invasive and provides you with your training power profile. Our protocol requires approximately 80 mins and allows us to accurately determine your FTP.

An FTP assessment is a snapshot of your fitness at any point in time. By measuring your fitness and assigning it a number, we can track changes in your fitness over weeks, months, even years. Frequent testing every 6-8 weeks, during both off-season and race season, enables you to track changes in your FTP and adjust your training programs accordingly.

The data collected from the test will be used to set your threshold power during Onebody Power Cycle sessions in the Indoor Cycling studio.

An FTP test with Onebody includes:

  • Testing protocol in a controlled environment
  • Identification of Power Training zones & corresponding heart rate zones
  • Identification of Triathlon specific race zones based on power and heart rate
  • Brief guide to training with a power meter
  • Provides a monitor for your training improvements over time
  • Accurately determine your current fitness and performance levels

Additionally you, or your coach can use the data to prescribe detailed training sessions to plan and monitor your training structure and prepare for specific triathlon race distances knowing how to evenly pace the bike split and still run well off the bike.

Power data file from a 20min Functional Threshold Power (FTP) Test in the Onebody studio

An example of the 20min effort in a Onebody FTP test that is used to calculate functional threshold power for an athlete as seen in a training peaks file analysis.


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