Power Profile Testing

Are you more of a Sprinter or a Time Triallist?  Ok responding to attacks but don’t feel you have the ability to attack yourself and stay away? Power Profile testing with Onebody will help you identify your strengths and areas of improvement and help classify your ability against several profile types and where you sit in terms of performance against the best in the world.

The Onebody Power Profile & Analysis identify’s the type of rider you are and where you are strongest, as well as key areas of your riding to work on. A Power Profile test looks at your ability over various timed efforts such as short explosive sprints, 1 minute and 10 minute efforts. It is an effective way of finding a cyclists strengths and weaknesses and applying specific training to overcome them.

From there, your training can be adapted to focus on key aspects to develop your Power Profile whether it be Neuromuscular Power, VO2 max or FTP to improve your performance in races such as Criteriums, Road Racing or Time Trialling. We recommend re-testing every 8-12 weeks during a regular training phase.

Onebody Power Profile Test includes:

  • Testing protocol in a controlled environment
  • Power Profile testing over various time intervals
  • Power Profile report and classification
  • Identification of strengths and areas to develop based on power
  • Identifying where your racing and training can be targeted for performance and improvement

Additionally you, or your coach can use the data to prescribe detailed training sessions to plan and monitor your training structure and prepare for you for your racing season.

Data output from a Onebody Power Profile test ready for analysis and classification

See the images below on how the watts/kg ratio changes from a sprinter to a time trial specialist as the duration of the effort increases.

For further information and to book an FTP or Power Profile test using the booking tool below, or please contact Onebody on 02 8677 5605


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