Private Data Analysis Sessions for understanding Power Meter and Race Data

Crit racing power output file showing attacks & recovery

Onebody offers private data analysis sessions aimed at assisting athletes to understand and interpret power meter data for training and racing. Power Meters are a powerful tool for racing and training. A key objective in training with a Power meter is increasing Functional Threshold Power (FTP – greatest power a rider can sustain for 60 minutes). However, as important is the ability to ride more efficiently through improved cycling behaviour, training with a power meter can help achieve this.

Improving cycling behaviour such as how hard or how easy you ride (measured by Power), how you ride on hills and on the downhills and when and where you are changing gears all influence your power and cycling efficiency.

Private coaching sessions based on power meters includes:

  • Understanding Power Meter data
  • How to train with a Power Meter and training zones
  • Racing with a Power Meter
  • Understanding how Power Meter data can be applied to improve cycling behaviour
  • Analysing race and training power data files
  • Power based training and racing zones

Following a Power Meter Analysis session or race file analysis we can also assist in planning future training calendar through a Private Coaching Planning session. Onebody also provide a power meter service for your bike which includes installation, calibration and software and firmware upgrading and checking and changing batteries.

For further information and to book a private data analysis session please contact the coaches at Onebody on 02 8677 5605 or use the booking tool below.


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