Private one on one Swim Sessions

Private one on one swim sessions for stroke technique analysis and feedback

Jono providing feedback to athletes in Stroke Correction squad

Onebody provides private one on one Swim Sessions to analyse your freestyle stroke and help you improve your swim technique and efficiency in the water. Swimming is about efficiency and reducing drag, not about how hard you can pull your arms through the water.

To reduce your drag, you want to reduce the amount of frontal surface area that you have in the water. Sessions can be provided from beginner swimmers looking to enter the sport of swimming, open water swimming and triathlon or multi sport events and more advanced swimmers looking for further ways to improve their swimming efficiency and speed.

These swim sessions include:

  • One on one session in a private indoor heated 25m pool
  • Identifying key areas for development
  • Specific drills addressing areas for improving swim technique and efficiency
  • Personalised feedback
  • Identifying key areas for improving flexibility and mobility
  • Videos and descriptions of drills
  • Private Swim sessions for open water swim technique and tips
  • Private Swim sessions for freestyle stroke correction
  • Private Swim sessions for freestyle, butterfly, breaststroke or backstroke

For further information and to book a private swim session please contact Jono Rainey on 02 8677 5605

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