Run Assessments & Run Technique Analysis

Run Assessments & Run Technique Analysis with drills and activation work to help you become a better more injury proof runner

Run Drills in the Triathlon Training Squad

An athlete’s ‘run style’ plays an integral role in running efficiency, performance and prevention of injury. Run Assessments & Run Technique Analysis provide a comprehensive breakdown of your running biomechanics. Our run technique assessment utilises video analysis for visual feedback to provide step-by-step breakdown of your run technique.

As part our of run technique assessment, we provide specific run drills to help you better optimise your technique and also provide specific strength exercises to help improve your running efficiency and prevention of injury.

Onebody Run assessments and technique analysis includes:

  • Private one on one session
  • Video analysis
  • Breakdown of run technique
  • Identification of areas to improve running efficiency
  • Specific run drills aimed to improve running efficiency
  • Strength and mobility exercises to enhance muscle activation and recruitment for more efficient running
  • Identifying key areas for improving flexibility and mobility
  • Videos and exercises for improving flexibility and mobility
  • Private coaching sessions for understanding heart rate data, pacing and data analysis

For further information and to book a private run assessment and technique session please contact Onebody Staff on 02 8677 5605

Run Technique Drill examples


Strength & Mobility Videos

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