Junior Development Program Overview


Our Junior triathlon development program provides junior triathletes with the opportunity to increase their skills, technique and fitness in a supportive, friendly training environment. We welcome juniors from 8 and over to join our junior triathlon program progress them through our skill development program at an appropriate rate for their ability and physical maturity. We actively encourage juniors with no specific history in triathlon, swimming, cycling or running to be part of our program and so that they can skills to enjoy and become competitive in junior triathlon.

The primary focus of our junior triathlon program is on skill development. We make sure that our sessions are fun, inclusive and focus on improving the fundamentals of swimming, cycling and running. Once our juniors have excellent skills and technical ability, they slowly transition into increasing their physical fitness. At this stage we teach them how to race effectively and encourage them to become competitive at the senior level.

We know that progressing juniors into competitive athletes requires sound fundamentals and good skill and we don’t advocate juniors training hard at a young age. Our goal is to ensure that juniors train and develop at a rate that is appropriate for their physical and mental maturity. This approach to training means that juniors enjoy the training sessions, make plenty of friends and attend consistently. The enjoyment of the sport leads to a balanced school / sport balance and we encourage any talented juniors to strive to reach their physical potential after they graduate from school.


Junior Bike Fitting

We offer professional junior bike fitting services utilising the Retul motion capture system and guarantee the quality of all bike fits conducted in our centre.

Strength Assessment

An integral part of junior development is core strength & control. We look at the mobility, stability and strength of the athlete through a functional test and provide a program.

Junior Frame Selection

We can help you find the best sized frame for your junior as they grow to make sure they fit the bike now and in the future. The fit comes with a frame finder report.

Bike Servicing

Our bike service workshop provides servicing from our professional bike mechanics for your road bike, time trial bike, general bike servicing and even custom builds.

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