Technical Video Resources

At Onebody we have a large technical video resources library of swimming, running, strength & mobility drills and exercises to help you work on your technique at home or when you are not in a session we run. This enables you to view the drills and technique work conducted at sessions and for our online coached athletes to view drills in a clear concise manner as outlined in their online triathlon training program.

Visually seeing the correct technique and understanding the purpose of the drill is important for improving.  Having the flexibility to watch the videos from a laptop, tablet or mobile phone whilst training or elsewhere further reinforces the technique whilst practising it.

Additionally as an online coached athlete you are able to upload videos of your technique for swimming, cycling and running for your online coach to view to identify areas and prescribe specific drills to assist in your development and improvement as a triathlete.

For further information on Onebody online triathlon coaching view our online triathlon coaching section.

Below are some examples of the videos in our video library, the full range of videos covers swimming, cycling, running and strength, stretching, mobility and trigger point exercises.

See the full list of video’s on our Youtube Channel

Onebody YouTube Channel link


Running Drills

Swimming Technique Drills

Strength & Mobility Exercises

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