Argon18 – E-117 Tri Disc Frame

The Argon18 E-117 is a great triathlon bike for those on a budget, now equipped with discs, it is capable of all distances.

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Argon18 – E-117 Tri Disc Frame

The Argon18 E-117 Tri Disc is Argon18’s budget friendly offering for TT bikes, yet still manages to include a number of features used to increase the pace. It is ideal for committed age-groupers who have a personal best that needs to be crushed. The E-117 Tri Disc will also prove to be a great choice for more experienced triathletes eager to own a reasonably priced triathlon bike, which they can build up by investing in race-day spec of their choice, such as high-end carbon wheels.


Argon 18’s proprietary 3D System is an integrated solution that extends the headtube for more positioning options. This allows us to better fit you to the frame, maintaining stiffness and handling characteristics without sacrificing the athlete’s flexibility.

Triathlon and TT Geometry

Tri and TT bikes are focused on aero performance, and the geometry reflects this. To allow the rider to achieve an aggressive aero position, the geometry is designed to put the rider in a more forward position. This encourages the rider to press on the pedals, helping them reach T2 faster.

Argon Fit System

Argon Fit System is designed to provide riders of all sizes with consistent performance and optimal positioning. This ensures that all riders of the Argon18 E-117 are given the advantage of aero-optimisation and performance handling, be it on an XS or an XL size frame. We can determine which frame size would be best for you using our Retul Bike Fitting System.

Cyclosportif Layup

Our Cyclosportif level models offer carbon layups derived from our Pro level models, with performance-oriented handling and ride quality. This ensures both an efficient transfer of power from the pedals, as well as keeping the athlete fresher for the run leg of their race.

Before purchasing a Argon18 E-117 Disc frame, we recommend a Retul frame selection to determine the correct size for you. Contact us for more information or see what we’ve done with our custom bikes builds!

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