Argon18 – E-119 Tri+ Disc Frame

The full pro package: premium aero performance, lightweight layup, integrated hydration, nutrition and disc brakes, and a will to win.

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Argon18 – E-119 Tri+ Disc

The Argon18 E-119 Tri+ Disc is the next generation of Argon18’s top-spec TT bike, and it brings more than just disc brakes. The new E-119 also brings a new level of integration, integrating the disc brakes, a bento box, tool kit and hydraulics.



The new cockpit redesign for the E-119 Tri+ Disc uses a monoblock base for the aero extensions, providing a marginal gain. It also allows for a position lower than previously available, as well as a reviewed range of motion for the aerobar poles. This is based on the fit data for a number of athletes using real-world testing. A collaboration with Cycling Australia’s Olympic track team has also benefited from the cockpit redesign, transferring aero gains from the track to Kona.


Argon18 also recognise that integration means more aerodynamic, hence they have integrated the hydraulic reservoirs for the disc brakes into the base bars, negating the aero penalty normally associated with disc brakes. Based on TRP’s standard parts, the entire front brake hose has been hidden from the wind, helping you to stop faster and go faster simultaneously.

Disc Brakes

Disc brakes provide ample stopping power, however typically with their addition, an aero penalty is incurred. However, Argon18 have partnered with TRP for the E-119 Tri+ Disc, integrating the calliper into the fork. Using multiple iterations, each with wind tunnel and heat testing, they have developed a model which incurs no aerodynamic lose, doesn’t overheat, while still manages to provide the benefits of improved stopping power.

Accessory Integration

Argon18 have featured an integrated bento box on the E-119 Tri+ Disc, one that now has the capacity for the full Ironman Distance. This stops athletes from having to place nutrition outside of the bento box, hence limiting the aero penalties they incur.

The E-119 also has an integrated toolkit above the bottom bracket, again designed to make the bike more aerodynamic in the real world conditions of a race. It has space for 2 CO2 canisters, a tube, a multi-tool, tyre lever and a CO2 adapter. Placing it above the bottom bracket means that there is no impact on ride feel, while handling is optimised as it lowers the centre of gravity.

Before purchasing a Argon18  E-119 Tri+ Disc frame, we recommend a Retul frame selection to determine the correct size for you. Contact us for more information or see what we’ve done with our custom bikes builds!

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