Quintana Roo – PRfive Disc Frame

The Quintana Roo PRfive is a wallet-friendly option that stills manages to deliver on performance, using disc brakes and a the same frame design as the performance orientated PRsix2.


Quintana Roo – PRfive Disc Frame

The PRfive Disc brings the capabilities and performance focus of Quintana Roo’s PRsix2 to a lower price point, but also comes with its own benefits. The biggest difference between the two is the front end, specifically the forks with a more standard front end being used for the PRfive, helping to maintain its price point, while also making it easy for the home mechanic to work on and travel with.

The Quintana Roo PRfive still features the Qbox storage system on the rear of the seatpost, as well as disc brakes to help with stopping quickly. This helps athletes move across the course with confidence, helping them to get to the run leg faster. The QR PRfive also uses a number of smart aerodynamic tricks to provide the rider with the best speed for the effort that they are putting in.

Storage on the PRfive is abundant, with the Qbox at the rear of the seatpost and the ability to add top tube storage, athletes are set for several hours on the bike, as is the case with long-distance racing.

The Quintana Roo PRfive is best for athletes whom wish to go fast, with the QR development team taking the most vital parts of their racing thoroughbred and putting them to work on what can be an affordable triathlon bike.

Before purchasing a Quintana Roo PRfive frame, we recommend a Retul frame selection to determine the correct size for you. Contact us for more information or see what we’ve done with our custom bikes builds!

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