Quintana Roo PRsix2 Disc Frame

The Quintana Roo PRsix2 Disc is a frame built to go fast, adapting on all QR have learnt since they first introduced the tri bike, over three decades ago, this is the fastest iteration yet.



Quintana Roo PRsix2 Disc Frame

The Quintana Roo PRsix2 Disc is the ultimate race bike from the company that produced the original bike for triathlon. The PRsix2 is an update over the orignal model, using a integrated hydration system, as well improving both the weight and stiffness of the frame. This level of integration helps the rider to acheive the most from their perfromances.

Quintana Roo offer one of the widest range of colours on their bikes, allowing each athelet to separate themselves from the competition visually as physically. Check out the unparralled customisation of the frame here. A Di2 port is also included, allowing for invisible cable routing throughout the whole frame, helping to ensure aerodynamics are optimised. Speak to us to for a bike fit to determine which frame size would best suit you, using our retul bike fit system. The PRsix2 Disc is an ideal platform for which age groupers can advance themselves, as the PRsix2 isn’t just built for the ride, but stays true to QR’s original goal of helping athletes stay fresher for the run, lowering PRs across the whole race.

Before purchasing a Quintana Roo PRsix2 frame, we recommend a Retul frame selection to determine the correct size for you. Contact us for more information or see what we’ve done with our custom bikes builds!

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