Ventum – Z Frame

The Ventum Z is a frame unlike any other, using a non-traditional design, a Z shape as Ventum call it.


Ventum – Z Frame

The Ventum Z is a non-traditional bike, by all means, its lack of a downtube or seat stays ensures that it is not a UCI-legal frame, however for a triathlon bike it is quite effective.

The bike is named after its Z shape, which Ventum claim help with aerodynamics, as well as ensuring that weight can be optimised.

Featuring a 1.4L hydration box in the top tube, this frame has been designed for triathletes, helping them store the fuel that they will need to meet the demands of long-distance racing.

The lack of a downtube or seat-stays means that the Ventum Z provides a compliant ride, comfortable for the several hour rides that this bike is designed to do on race day.

Ventum offers the bike in 5 sizes, and the best way to determine what size would be best for you would be through a Retul frame selection fit.

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