Bont Cycling Shoe Moulding

Heat moulding your Bont cycling shoes is a great way to remove any discomfort you may feel while cycling and to improve the fitting of your shoe. We specialise in heat moulding Bont cycle shoes and we can help locate areas of discomfort within the shoe and mould it specifically to the shape of your foot. The Bont cycle shoes are heated in our moulding oven then formed by specialized tools to ensure that the Bont cycle shoes fit your feet perfectly and eliminate cycling shoe discomfort issues. The benefit of working with the Bont cycling shoes is that we can mould & shape them several times to ensure they are heat moulded perfectly for you.


Heating a pair of Bont cyling shoes – Bont Vayppor S in our heat moulding oven


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  • Cycle Shoe Moulding

  • $110

  • Time allocation60 mins


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