So why a Retul fit?

Our Retul bike fitting facility in Castle Hill, Sydney is one of the most advanced setups available worldwide, and our accredited bike fitter is internationally recognised for his experience and knowledge.

The Retul system that we utilise provides you with an extremely accurate and objective bike fit that is world class. The Retul system and our bike fitting service far exceeds the use of a plumb bob, a goniometer, tape measure and the “eye ball fit” of the local bike shop. You can be assured you are receiving a bike fit from a highly accredited and experienced bike fitter using one of the most advanced systems in the world.

As part of your bike fit, you will receive a musculoskeletal screening assessment by an accredited professional prior. This assessment is essential to understanding your biomechanical strengths and weakness. We then use our experience to combine your screening information with the Retul data to determine your optimal bike fit.

The Retul System records dynamic data to the nearest millimetre and the nearest degree while the riding is moving. This dynamic measurement provides precise measurements that cannot be collected via static methods such as plumb bobs and goniometers. We capture data under various power controlled loads to record your biomechanics before, during and post bike fit to accurately measure and demonstrate biomechanical improvements. This accuracy allows us to provide objective feedback and demonstrate real improvements.

We measure both left and right hand sides of the body and include all three dimensions of movement so we measure all planes or motion at the same time. You can even watch all your date be recorded in real time as you pedal.

Once the most optimal position is found, we will record the geometry of your bike fitting position digitally to the nearest millimetre. This allows us to store your information for future and assist you to choose your next bike frame and set up a new bike to match your existing fit position.

Our bike fitting centre is a world class facility that provides experience and equipment to provide you with the most optimised bike position. Each bike takes approximately four hours to complete.

Comfort. Speed. Power. Book your Retul Bike Fit.

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