Questions for your Bike Fitter

There are many people, bike shops and centres offering bike fits so we have prepared a basic list of questions to help you understand and differentiate between each of the services being offered. We would always encourage you to choose a bike fitter based on their experience and your unique needs. The skills. experience and knowledge of the bike fitter is far more important than the type of equipment that they use to do their fits.

What qualifications and accreditation do they have as a bike fitter?
All professional bike fitters will be certified by a recognised governing body. Our bike fitting centre is recognised by both Retul and the International Bike Fitting Institute.

How long does a bike fit take?
Our bike fits take approximately four hours to complete and comprehensively cover all aspects of your fit position. Your bike fit includes your musculoskeletal screening, bike fitting process, final measurements of your bike and a full bike fit report.

Does your bike include a musculoskeletal screening prior to your fit?
All our bike fits receive a full musculoskeletal screening to determine your strengths, weaknesses, range of motion, limitations and list of current and pre-existing injuries. Our fitter is fully qualified to conduct musculoskeletal screenings and interpret the results.

What sort of technology or equipment are the using to record your biomechanics and fit your bike?
Check to see what you are actually paying for. Is your fitter using genuine biomechanical measuring equipment such as Retul, or are you just being filmed with a camera or iPad with some vague lines drawn on from an app to look sophisticated?
In order to receive accurate information on your biomechanics, the bike fitter must have an excellent knowledge of anatomy in order to place the biomechanical markers correctly and the equipment to record the information needed to be precise and sophisticated. We use genuine Retul technology for all our fits and our bike fitter has extensive qualifications to understand biomechanics and the sports science of cycling.

What is their education background in bike fitting?
If the bike fitter is offering to set up your bike to optimise your biomehanics, check what education in the human body and biomechanics that they have to make those decisions. Are you being fitted by a bike mechanic or bike sales representative who has no formal training or completed a 1 day course?

Does your bike fitter offer you a guarantee on the quality and comfort of their bike fitting service?
We offer an unconditional guarantee that we will be happy with any bike fit that we conduct. We aim to get all bike fits right the first and we will continue to make adjustments to your bike within 30 days of your fit at no additional cost.

What experience do they have for fitting bikes for someone with your unique issues?
Daniel conducts several hundred bike fits every year and is regarded highly for being able to help people with injuries get back into cycling without any pain or discomfort. Many of his bike fits are referred from physiotherapists, chiropractors, sports doctors and health professionals. His bike fits are available for anyone from beginners with discomfort or pain to elite level cyclists and triathletes.

Common issues, discomfort or pain that we address:

  • Numbness in hands
  • Numbness in feet
  • Pain or discomfort in feet or ankle
  • Lower back pain
  • Neck pain
  • Knee pain
  • Other related joint pain


Riders that we have fitted include:

  • Australian National Road Series Professional cyclists
  • ITU draft legal professional Triathletes
  • Professional Half Ironman and Ironman Triathletes
  • Junior Elite Cyclists and Triathletes
  • Absolute beginners with their first bike

If you would like to speak to us about our bike fitting service or to book a bike fit, please use the schedule link below, or contact us

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