Bike Fitting Accreditation

We encourage anyone who is looking for a professional bike fit to speak to the bike fitter and speak to them about their experience and their accreditation for the bike fitting service that they offer. Our bike fits are conducted by Daniel Bain. Daniel is an accredited Retul bike fitter, accredited with Retul since 2012 and having conducted hundred’s of professional bike fits using the Retul System.

Daniel Bain’s Profile

Bachelor of Medical Science
Daniel has a tertiary degree that includes studying the human body and anatomy. He has an outstanding understanding of the human musculoskeletal system and its relevance to biomechanics, sports science and optimising cycling position.

Accredited Retul Bike Fitter
Daniel was educated by Retul University in 2012 and was one of the first bike fitters in Australia to have both Retul Technology as well as receive their official accreditation as a fitter. To maintain his accreditation with Retul, Daniel undergoes an annual fitting review demonstrating his bike fitting skills and commitment to ongoing education. Daniel’s commitment to being one of the best bike fitters in Australia has included visiting Retul HQ in Boulder, Colorado to receive an exclusive 1 on 1 advanced bike fitting session from the founders of Retul directly.
All Retul accredited fitters are listed on the Retul page here. Please feel free to check our accreditation and recognition as a certified Retul Bike Fit Centre.

Member of the International Bike Fitting Institute
Daniel is a recognised member of the International Bike Fitting Institute (IBFI). The IBFI provides accreditation to bike fitters worldwide that demonstrate their education, skills and experience in conducting professional bike fits. Daniel was the second Australian recognised as meeting the strict bike fitting standard of the IBFI. Unqualified or inexperienced bike fitters are not recognised by the IBFI as they do not meet the minimum recognised standard required to conduct safe, competent fits. Check Daniel’s accreditation as a member of the IBFI here.

Daniel conducts several hundred bike fits every year and is regarded highly for being able to help people with injuries get back into cycling without any pain or discomfort. Many of his bike fits are referred from physiotherapists, chiropractors, sports doctors and health professionals. His bike fits are available for anyone from beginners with discomfort/pain to elite level cyclists and triathletes.

Common issues, discomfort or pain that we address:

  • Numbness in hands
  • Numbness in feet
  • Pain or discomfort in feet or ankle
  • Lower back pain
  • Neck pain
  • Knee pain
  • Other related joint pain

Riders that he has fitted include:

  • Australian National Road Series Professional cyclists
  • ITU draft legal professional Triathletes
  • Professional Half Ironman and Ironman Triathletes
  • Junior Elite Cyclists and Triathletes
  • Absolute beginners with their first bike

If you would like to speak to us about our bike fitting service or to book a bike fit, please contact us.

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