Retul Futbed

Retul Futbed custom cycling insoles

Retul Futbed custom cycling insoles are designed to provide the rider with a stable platform within their shoe to provide maximum power transfer to the pedal interface and improve rider comfort. Retul Futbeds also reduce many of the common discomforts associated with the foot when cycling such as numbness and hot foot. The interface on a bike between the cyclists foot and his cycling shoe is critical to ensure that the knee and hip are stable. An optimised foot interface will improve power transfer to the pedal interface and maximise power, efficiency and comfort. Custom Retul Futbeds are moulded directly to the shape of your foot which provides a comprehensive inner sole for performance and comfort.

The advantages of custom cycling insoles within your shoes include:

  • Improving contact surface area between your foot and your shoe by providing arch support
  • Improving knee and hip stability by preventing the arch of the foot collapsing within the shoe
  • Reducing or eliminating discomfort such as numbness and hot foot by increasing the surface contact with your foot and reducing areas which have too much pressure under the shoe.
  • The ability to place metatarsal domes on the Retul Futbed to assist in reducing / eliminating hot foot and numbness.


Each Retul Futbed fit is created by professional bike fitter Daniel Bain using the Retul system and is guaranteed. If you are experiencing problems with your Futbed, 30min appointments made within 30 days of original fitting appointment will be free of charge.

Retul Futbed Pricing

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  • Retul Futbeds

  • $220

  • Time Allocation1 hour

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