Strength & Mobility Programs

Strength & Mobility Training

Our approach to strength and mobility training is unique because we aim to improve your movement patterns prior to starting your functional strength training. This ultimately leads to a better starting posture for your strength training and aims to improve your athletic efficiency while reducing your injury risks.


Strength sessions are $26 per session, or $220 for a 10 pack. If you want a single one on one session, please look at our personal training options.

Strength, Conditioning, Flexibility & Mobility Training

Your first step to engaging in strength and mobility training is to undergo a Musculoskeletal and Functional Movement Assessment. Once we have a good understanding of you and your needs, we can provide you with regular one on one strength sessions within our private strength training facility.

During our sessions, we will address any underlying weakness you have in your functional movements to reduce your future injury risk as well as work on improving the strengths required for you to perform better at your chosen sport.

Key areas that we address during all sessions are

  • core stability & core strength
  • hip stability & hip region strength
  • shoulder stability and shoulder strength
  • Foot stability and foot strength
  • Specific functional muscle patterns required for your sport.

Book a session

We hold 3 strength sessions a week, 2 in our studio and 1 before our track running session. These sessions can be booked individually via the Onebody app from your app store. If you would like to know more about these sessions, please contact us in the studio.

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