Swimming efficiently and reducing drag against the water is a key element of long course swimming and triathlon

To reduce your drag, you want to reduce the amount of frontal surface area that you have in the water

Long distance triathlon swims are about finding a comfortable efficient rhythm, requiring minimal effort to set you up for the bike and run

2 factors influencing swimming efficiently and especially in long distance triathlon include

1.Head position – what you do with your head greatly impacts your overall body position and frontal surface area when swimming. Your body follows where your heads goes, lift it up and another part of your body will drop increasing drag

This can be both through lifting your head to breathe and your legs dropping.  Additionally sighting correctly to swim the shortest possible distance

2.Rotation – Rotating from the hips in a smooth flowing motion, linking your rib cage and pelvis together enables you to find a comfortable rhythm and maximise your power through use of your lats and back muscles


Our swim squads and stroke correction clinics develop an efficient swim stroke and open water skills.  The next stroke correction clinic commences on Sunday 16th July, contact us on 02 8677 5605 for further information


Side Drill for Head Position

Rotation Drill