The 1st Ladies Pink triathlon for the season is nearly here, with a variety of distances to choose from.

These are great events for ladies and girls to do their 1st triathlon, which includes a pool swim rather than open water and is in a controlled environment with no traffic.

The events are for women and girls only, and have a great fun atmosphere.

The shortest event includes a 100m swim, 3km bike and a 1km run, the longest 600m swim, 18km bike and a 6km run.

Basically anyone can compete and finish a triathlon with some training and a sense of adventure !  Or get a group of friends and enter as a team.

Join a Triathlon Training squad and train with like-minded people, or a swim squad to get some swimming in and some tips on your swim technique.  If you are newer to swimming enrol in a freestyle stroke correction clinic to improve your swimming and to swim more efficiently.

Training with a group whether it be at an indoor Power Cycle studio which is time efficient and safe or at a Running session always helps you to train.  Also technical feedback and support from a Triathlon coach, whether it be face to face or online (via videos of your technique) will help you become a more efficient athlete and make training and racing easier, reduce the risk of injury and you will enjoy it more !

You don’t need to have all of the gear or fancy gear to do a triathlon, the basic items you need include

  1. Swim googles – swim caps are provided
  2. Swim suit or tri suit or something you feel comfortable swimming in
  3. Bike ! it can be any type of bike as long as it works !
  4. Drink bottle for you bike
  5. Helmet
  6. Running Shoes
  7. Sunscreen

Additionally optional items you may consider include

  • Sunglasses
  • Cap or visor to run in
  • Cycling shoes

So if you have been thinking of doing a triathlon and taking on the challenge the Pink Triathlon series is the perfect introduction as a beginner in Triathlons.

For further information on Onebody’s Online triathlon coaching and the Onebody Triathlon Training Squad please email or contact our training studio on +61 2 8677 5605