Technical Coaching Services

Technical Coaching Services

Our Technical Coaching Services can help you if you are looking for an edge in your triathlon or cycle racing and training. We have qualified triathlon and cycle coaches who have race experience from Sprint distance to Ironman, Crit racing to Stage races and time trials.

We offer individual private one on one sessions to help you be more efficient, identify areas of improvement and look at how you move, when to attack, how long to go for and what you can do to remove all the ways to may be slowing yourself down in racing and training.

Have a lok through the services we offer, and feel free to Contact Us for more information or to speak to a coach who can help. You can also book sessions right from the bottom of the page. Just click the Book Session link in the menu.

Private one on one Swim Sessions

Onebody provides private one on one Swim Sessions to analyse your freestyle stroke and help you improve your swim technique and efficiency in the water. Swimming is about efficiency and reducing drag, not about how hard you can pull your arms through the water.

To reduce your drag, you want to reduce the amount of frontal surface area that you have in the water. Sessions can be provided from beginner swimmers looking to enter the sport of swimming, open water swimming and triathlon or multi sport events and more advanced swimmers looking for further ways to improve their swimming efficiency and speed.

These swim sessions include:

  • One on one session in a private indoor heated 25m pool
  • Identifying key areas for development
  • Specific drills addressing areas for improving swim technique and efficiency
  • Personalised feedback
  • Identifying key areas for improving flexibility and mobility
  • Videos and descriptions of drills
  • Private Swim sessions for open water swim technique and tips
  • Private Swim sessions for freestyle stroke correction

For further information and to book a private swim session please contact Nadene Moore on 02 8677 5605

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Functional Threshold Power (FTP) Testing

So, what is FTP? Functional Threshold Power (FTP) is — quite simply — a measure of fitness. FTP represents the power (measured in watts) that you could theoretically maintain for about an hour, and it’s a great metric used to plan an execute your workouts, as well as track your progress to keep your fitness growing.

With regards to what’s taking place within your body and the muscles themselves, riding at your FTP pushes you right up to that limit where pushing any harder will drastically limit the duration of your ride. But as long as you stay just below that acidic tipping point where your muscles light up and uncomfortably tolerable minutes become barely tolerable seconds, your muscles are in balance with the workload – for about an hour, anyway. It is an important test for anyone who wants to use their cycling power meter effectively and those looking at riding longer events where your success is determined by your ability to hold consistent power.

An FTP Test establishes your wattage at a point in time and duration which corresponds closely to your lactate threshold (LT) when cycling. once you have determined your FTP, you can program specific power training zones enabling you to optimise your training sessions and racing strategy. An FTP test is non-invasive and provides you with your training power profile. Our protocol requires approximately 80 mins and allows us to accurately determine your FTP.

An FTP assessment is a snapshot of your fitness at any point in time. By measuring your fitness and assigning it a number, we can track changes in your fitness over weeks, months, even years. Frequent testing every 6-8 weeks, during both off-season and race season, enables you to track changes in your FTP and adjust your training programs accordingly.

The data collected from the test will be used to set your threshold power during Onebody Power Cycle sessions in the Indoor Cycling studio.

An FTP test with Onebody includes:

  • Testing protocol in a controlled environment
  • Identification of Power Training zones & corresponding heart rate zones
  • Identification of Triathlon specific race zones based on power and heart rate
  • Brief guide to training with a power meter
  • Provides a monitor for your training improvements over time
  • Accurately determine your current fitness and performance levels
  • Additionally you, or your coach can use the data to prescribe detailed training sessions to plan and monitor your training structure and prepare for specific
  • triathlon race distances knowing how to evenly pace the bike split and still run well off the bike.

An example of the 20min effort in a Onebody FTP test that is used to calculate functional threshold power for an athlete as seen in a training peaks file analysis.

Power Profile Testing

Are you more of a Sprinter or a Time Triallist? Ok responding to attacks but don’t feel you have the ability to attack yourself and stay away? Power Profile testing with Onebody will help you identify your strengths and areas of improvement and help classify your ability against several profile types and where you sit in terms of performance against the best in the world.

The Onebody Power Profile & Analysis identify’s the type of rider you are and where you are strongest, as well as key areas of your riding to work on. A Power Profile test looks at your ability over various timed efforts such as short explosive sprints, 1 minute and 10 minute efforts. It is an effective way of finding a cyclists strengths and weaknesses and applying specific training to overcome them.

From there, your training can be adapted to focus on key aspects to develop your Power Profile whether it be Neuromuscular Power, VO2 max or FTP to improve your performance in races such as Criteriums, Road Racing or Time Trialling. We recommend re-testing every 8-12 weeks during a regular training phase.

Onebody Power Profile Test includes:

  • Testing protocol in a controlled environment
  • Power Profile testing over various time intervals
  • Power Profile report and classification
  • Identification of strengths and areas to develop based on power
  • Identifying where your racing and training can be targeted for performance and improvement
  • Additionally you, or your coach can use the data to prescribe detailed training sessions to plan and monitor your training structure and prepare for you for your racing season.
Power Profile Test data analysis

See the images below on how the watts/kg ratio changes from a sprinter to a time trial specialist as the duration of the effort increases.

Run Assessments & Run Technique Analysis

An athlete’s ‘run style’ plays an integral role in running efficiency, performance and prevention of injury. Run Assessments & Run Technique Analysis provide a comprehensive breakdown of your running biomechanics. Our run technique assessment utilises video analysis for visual feedback to provide step-by-step breakdown of your run technique.

As part our of run technique assessment, we provide specific run drills to help you better optimise your technique and also provide specific strength exercises to help improve your running efficiency and prevention of injury.

Onebody Run assessments and technique analysis includes:

  • Private one on one session
  • Video analysis
  • Breakdown of run technique
  • Identification of areas to improve running efficiency
  • Specific run drills aimed to improve running efficiency
  • Strength and mobility exercises to enhance muscle activation and recruitment for more efficient running
  • Identifying key areas for improving flexibility and mobility
  • Videos and exercises for improving flexibility and mobility
  • Private coaching sessions for understanding heart rate data, pacing and data analysis
onebody summer camp run session

Run Technique Drill examples

Strength & Mobility Videos

Private Data Analysis Sessions for understanding Power Meter and Race Data

Onebody offers private data analysis sessions aimed at assisting athletes to understand and interpret power meter data for training and racing. Power Meters are a powerful tool for racing and training. A key objective in training with a Power meter is increasing Functional Threshold Power (FTP – greatest power a rider can sustain for 60 minutes). However, as important is the ability to ride more efficiently through improved cycling behaviour, training with a power meter can help achieve this.

Improving cycling behaviour such as how hard or how easy you ride (measured by Power), how you ride on hills and on the downhills and when and where you are changing gears all influence your power and cycling efficiency.

Private coaching sessions based on power meters includes:

  • Understanding Power Meter data
  • How to train with a Power Meter and training zones
  • Racing with a Power Meter
  • Understanding how Power Meter data can be applied to improve cycling behaviour
  • Analysing race and training power data files
  • Power based training and racing zones

Following a Power Meter Analysis session or race file analysis we can also assist in planning future training calendar through a Private Coaching Planning session. Onebody also provide a power meter service for your bike which includes installation, calibration and software and firmware upgrading and checking and changing batteries.

race prep analysis

Private Coaching Planning Sessions

Onebody provides private coaching planning sessions to triathletes, cyclists and runners who are looking to plan for future events or goals. We spend the time to sit with you and help to create a training program and ensuring your preparation is as best as it can be to enable you to optimise your performance and race results, and to achieve your goals.

Private coaching planning sessions include:

  • Learning how to structure training for an event
  • Planning a training calendar, long term and short term
  • Identification of Power Training zones & corresponding heart rate zones
  • Identification of Triathlon or Cycling specific race zones based on power and heart rate
  • Race strategy and race plans
  • Understanding and planning for races
  • Nutrition advice for racing and training
  • Tips for ensuring your race preparation and race week runs smoothly
  • Analysing previous race files to understand areas to develop and improve
  • Following a planning session or the completion of your race or season, Onebody can also offer Private Data Analysis sessions.
online triathlon coaching training program cycle session

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